Greyhounds of Verde Valley

Frank Vanderhorst, Treasurer
Chrystal Plapp, VP/Operations

What to Expect

A Friend for Life.

A greyhound is just waiting for your love.

A Couch Potato

Despite the rumors, grey's just love a good comfy spot


Help whenever you need it.

Adopting a greyhound brings you into a family that will help you and your new grey get use to your new lives.

Steve Pontious,

Meet Our Team

Greyhounds of the Verde Valley, Inc. (GVV) is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization that began in January 2007 when we rescued two male greyhounds from the Tucson race track kennels.  Our mission was simple:  To place retired racing greyhounds in safe, loving, forever homes as pets.

We also provide continuing support for our foster and adoptive families and their dogs with workshops and camaraderie.  Other important goal for us is public education about the plight and the unique characteristics of the greyhound breed.  We also promote and support other greyhound adoption groups.  We provide service for all of Arizona and some times neighboring states.

Get yourself a "40MPH couch potato."

So why all the fuss?  Racing greyhounds make great pets! During their careers all that they see are other greyhounds and the kennels so when you get them home they won't know what to do. They are quick learners though and from the very start are full of love and affection. 
Everyone has their own opinion about racing. There is plenty of information online for you to earn your own. We just know that if there were no racing we wouldn't be able to share these wonderful dogs with the rest of the world. We're just here to ensure that the lives of these wonderful animals in retirement is "Greyt".

helping find forever homes for retired racers
Monica Davis,
VP/Adoption Coordinator

Who we are & What we do