Name: Meryl Davis

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Meryl's Story ...

She was born in November 2012. Since being rescued Meryl has had a few challenging experiences, the last of which was literally a bonk to her head. In her rush to get out the doggy door Meryl hit her head/jammed her neck in just the wrong place, and was paralyzed for forty-eight hours. Oh the Vet bills! We are happy to report she now appears to be fully recovered. Because of the unknown after effects from this incident she is being listed as ‘special needs’. In reality her aggressive Prey Instinct (the reason she is also listed as NO CATS) is the more serious ‘special need’. Meryl needs a Forever Home WITHOUT SMALL ANIMALS and People who understand this. She has told Communicators that she could be Trained to be small-animal-safe, yet several of them indicated they “don’t trust her". She gets very excited about food and Treats and gets along well with other Dogs. Meryl seems to be a really nice Greyhound Girl.

Name: Riley

Gender: Male

Age: 4

Riley's Story ...

Riley (AKA CRY BLASTER) – a big red fawn boy from TEXAS! He’s just turning 4 years old, very outgoing, and 76 pounds of love.

Riley's prey drive is strong so a forever home without cats is important.  Also, Riley HATES Javelina.  There is a story there .

Since Riley is still new to us we’ll post more as we get to know him. He’s had his neuter and is ready to say HOWDY to his new home. 

Name: Dani

Gender: Female

Age: 4

Dani is a really nice Greyhound Girl! Dani arrived in the Verde Valley on February 12th and housetrained herself within a few days. She is polite around food, takes treats nicely, and is a nice Dog to have around. She has the best, cutest, double-cowlick that runs down the top of her muzzle and ends at her nose!

The inherent Prey Drive so obvious in Dani’s pretty eyes makes it necessary to say ABSOLUTELY NO SMALL DOGS OR CATS. Dani is NOT small-animal Safe. 

Dani seems to be more of a People-Dog than a Pup-Dog, she appears to be comfortable being by herself and appreciates the peace and quiet of being fed a little apart from the excitement of mealtime. Dani is a mellow, slightly serious, not-quite-yet-perfect (some barking outside, growling at other Pups, whining, and inappropriate chewing) Greyhound Girl who wants somebody to Love...could it be you?

Name: Last Time Donni 

Gender: Female

Age: updated soon

Last Time Donni's Story...
I'M OUT OF JAIL!!! I completed a residential training program and now i know all sorts of obedience commands! And, with my lovely big ears, I can listen too. I'm the perfect dog! Although I'm four years old, I've only been away from the track for a short time. My racing career ended with a broken leg, but that's completely healed now. Last Time Donni is my track name, but I'll be happy with whatever new name you give me. As you can see from the photos, I'm white with nice brindle markings. I'm very outgoing and friendly, except for cats. The cost of the obedience training is $150 which will be added to my adoption fee.

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